89 N Ocelot St, Dunkirk, New York 14048, US

We are also offering spring salmon and trout charters  during the month of May on Lake Ontario from the port  of Wilson, NY.   These trips are run with our good friend, Capt. Gary of Kongo Charters.

You will have the chance to hook up with reel busting king salmon, as well as brown trout, lake trout, coho salmon and steelhead.  

Please ask Captain John about available dates and rates.

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89 N Ocelot St, Dunkirk, New York 14048, United States


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One of the great things about Lake Erie is the diversity of the catch!   In addition to walleye, steelhead, lake trout, and brown trout, you may also land perch, smallmouth bass, white perch, sheepshead, silver bass and once in a great while, even a salmon!

The Catch

Some beauties from our 2015 Lake Erie season!

Our primary target on Lake Erie is the walleye.

The New York waters of Eastern Lake Erie have developed a reputation as a world class fishery for walleye, one of the most sought after fresh water fish for table fare.  Limit catches are not uncommon, nor is it unusual to catch one in the 8-9 lb range.  Each year we will see several trophies over 10lbs!

Our walleye action starts to heat up in mid-June, and with a little help from Mother Nature, can be really good right into early October! 

The New York State daily limit per person is now 6 walleye!

Lake Erie is home to a great population of deep-fighting lake trout.

While we generally do not target these fish first due to the one fish limit on Lake Erie, there is nothing like having the rod bend so hard you'll  swear that you've hooked the bottom and not a fish!

Although not as widely talked about as the walleye, Lake Erie can also produce some really nice brown trout!  We typically see these more in June and July, as we generally are fishing a bit shallower and in various structure.

Lake Erie is home to some great steelhead fishing!

While the warm waters of summer on Lake Erie generally aren't as conducive to steelhead fishing, when we do get some cool water moving in, or set our rigs deep, we do occasional hook up with these acrobatic fighters!