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Times Two Great Lakes Charters

89 N Ocelot St, Dunkirk, New York 14048, United States


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Times Two Great Lakes Charters, specializes in offering a Great Lakes charter fishing experience to groups   of 1-4 anglers.   Our season begins on Lake Ontario out of Wilson, NY for the month of May, targeting king salmon, coho salmon, brown trout, steelhead and lake trout.   Some great spring fishing!

We move back home to Dunkirk, NY on Lake Erie from early June thru the end of September where walleye is the primary target.

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December 18, 2018

We are under construction!   Go Daddy, our web supporter has notified us that we need to upgrade to version 8.

​So we are taking the opportunity to re-tool the site, and make it a tad more user friendly.   Sometimes less is more!   We anticipate having the new site up in the month of January, so please stop in and check it out!

Remember, we are booking for both lakes now, give us a call or email and get your group on the books for 2019!  It's going to be another great year!   Let's go fishing!!!

​​Our fishing method is trolling, using a wide variety of techniques and tackle including downriggers, planner boards, slide divers and/or dipsey divers, jet planners, braided line, wire line, copper line and lead core line.   We are proud to feature Bay Rat Lures and  Dreamweaver spoons as part of our daily setup!  All of our Okuma rods and reels feature GAMMA line and flourocarbon leaders.  Needless to say, our tackle is all top notch and up to date!   Depending on conditions and crew aboard, our typical spread will be as many as eleven (11) lines, and as few as four (4).

Typically, the Captain or mate will be the first to spot a strike, but it is not unusual for one of our anglers to hop up and grab a rod when the next big one hits!

We view your day on the lake as fishing WITH US, not us fishing for you.  Seeing the smiles on the faces of our clients makes our day as enjoyable for us as it is for you.  We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a great Lake Erie fishery, and countless days on the lake, and are glad that YOU have chosen to spend time aboard with US!

Come On, Let's Go Fishing!

Your Charter Experience

A charter fishing trip with Captain John begins with an early morning rendezvous at Chadwick Bay Marina in Dunkirk. By the time you meet up with us at the boat slip we have already checked the weather and wave conditions, and talked with our fellow captains about where the best place is to start your day and get on the fish!  The boat is rigged and ready to roll!

Depending on the time of year, and the weather/wind conditions, we'll be fishing anywhere from right out in front of the harbor, to 10-12 miles down the lake.   Typically, though, our first run will be 10-15 minutes, or a couple of miles out.

Thank you for stopping by! 

WELCOME TO Times Two Great Lakes ChartersDunkirk, New YorK

In addition, we also remain on the pro-staff of a couple other
great companies, GAMMA Line and Dreamweaver Lures! 

What's New for 2018?

We are very excited to announce that we are continuing our Pro-Staff relationship with Bay Ray Lures!  These baits have been a great addition to our tacklebox both on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie!   Be sure to check them out on the web!